The Vineyard Party I’m Your Huckleberry (2022)

Sémillon is one of the original heritage grapes, accounting for more than 90% of vineyard plantings in the
Cape in the 1820s. Nowadays, it accounts for less than 1% of total plantings here in South Africa. It is also
known as wyndruif (wine grape) or groendruif (green grape).
This unique and incredible sémillon comes with the tagline: Pata Pata, Stomata Stomata

Pata Pata was written by South African singer Miriam Makeba a.k.a Mama Africa in 1967. Pata Pata means
‘touch touch’ in Xhosa and was a famous dance in Jo’burg in the 1950s. Stomata are found on the underside
of leaves. They allow for gas exchange in plants, and close and open depending on climatic conditions.

It signifies the hands-on approach that both farmers and winemakers had to have during a tricky season with
a slight nod to the heatwaves during harvest which causes the stomata of the vines to close during stress.


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