Radford Dale Freedom (2017)

South Africa is free from the strict regulation found in EU and specifically Burgundy which dictates such aspects as methods of planting pruning and trellising levels of yields residual sugar acidity alcohol etc. decreeing even which bottle shape is legal or illegal and even the fundamental right to plant vines at all. Alex Dale came to South Africa from Burgundy in 1994 weeks after Nelson Mandela was democratically elected President and experienced for the very first time the total freedom to act as his heart and mind felt would allow the greatest individualism in this magnificent and untampered-with vinescape. Freedom to challenge ourselves against nature rather than regulation and Freedom to be wrong or right rather than absurdly a regulatory outlaw! In the spirit of an exciting newly-democratic South Africa this burst of liberty sewed the seed for the creation of Radford Dale’s passionately crafted Freedom Pinot Noir. And as luck would have it Nelson Mandela had just completed his long walk to freedom and become President that year too… Alc: 13.5% TA: 5g/l pH: 3. 63 RS: 2.2 g/l


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