by Tinashe Nyamudoka

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Tinashe’s Story

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Tinashe worked his way up to the position of manager at a grocery store when Zimbabwe fell into economic crisis.

After moving to Cape Town in South Africa,  he found work polishing cutlery at  the esteemed fine dining restaurant, The Roundhouse.

After being promoted to waiter and without  any prior experience of wine, Tinashe learned from the beverage director. His determination, natural talent and incredible hard work resulted in his rapid climb within the industry. He landed the Head Sommilier postion at Test Kitchen, and during his time in the role the Restuarant was ranked as one of the top 50 in the world and the best in Africa. In 2020 Tinashe resigned from Test Kitchen to focus on his labour of love Kumusha full time.


We highly recommend that you watch the documentary Blind Ambition. Which follows Tinashe, and his three fellow countrymen, through their creation of Zimbabwe’s first Olympic wine tasting team. It is as uplifting as his wines, and provides far more insight than anyone is prepared to read on our website 🙂

The Philosophy

Kumusha’s primary focus is on fresh high quality wines from healthy well grown vines. Tinashe’s goal is to spark emotion, joy and love in those that enjoy his wines. As a late bloomer into the wine scene, he approaches wine differently. Acknowledging that everyone experiences and tastes things differently, and we should all enjoy flavours, aromas and textures in our own unjudged ways. It’s all the class with none of the old school attitude. Would you like to take a journey home with Kumusha?

The story behind the labels